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  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante viniciusr
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius
  • restaurante vinicius

Restaurante Vinicius

First opened as VENECIA but in 1999, due to a matter of registration certificate, we changed our name. The restaurant is currently being run by us, 2 brothers, and Daniela.

restaurante vinicius

We stand out for out meat, fresh fish, paellas, pizzas, pastas and homemade desserts

¿Qué es la vinicius experience?

We have two sunny spacious terraces, where you can enjoy our delicious cocktails. In winter these spaces become indoor terraces and are equipped with fire pyramids.

Our aim is that people live the #viniciusexperience. ¿What does it consist of?

It means that our clients are satisfied with our service & would like to repeat, as it is hard to feel like home in any place :)

cliente satisfecho
Mibrasa | horno con carbon vegetal

¡Grilled meat with charcoal!

Grilled | Degrease the meats keeping the juices and flavors inside like no other cooking system. The fats, when falling on the coals, generate that characteristic aroma that makes the meat spectacular.

Come and enjoy the #VINICIUSEXPERIENCE

The reasons why you should come and taste Vinicius :)


We promote 0 Km products, ¿What does this mean? They provide us with: freshness, quality & trust


All our dishes are made by our cooks with lots of love, since we want you to feel like home


We have always thought that less is more, therefore our philosophy is “treat as you would like to be treated”


+ than 40 years in the sector give us enough confidence to ensure you that you will have an unforgettable experience.

Vinicius | Time-table

Tue to Sun

Open terraces (100%)
12:00 to 0:00
All dishes also to take away

(At home · A-taula.com)
20:00 to 23:00 (Tuesday to Friday)
13 to 15:30 & 20:00 to 23:00 (Weekends)

*Opening times can vary on national holidays or bank holidays, please be up to date through our social networks

servicios restaurante vinicius


We offer you the opportunity to come and pick up your favorite dishes and take them home:).

servicios restaurante vinicius


A-taula is the company that takes care of taking home your favorite dishes from our menu.

takeaway pizza Vinicius

Take your PIZZA away!

Follow these steps: Choose your pizza, then call us (we don’t pick up the phone during busy service hours) & you come take it :). This way you will be able to treat yourself with one of our pizzas at your own home

macia batle
carniques sunyer
sureda distribucions
tapeo Vinicius

Enjoy our TAPAS

Our traditions can’t be forgotten. Good weather + a good tapa + a cold beer or wine | #Viniciusexperience

tapeo Vinicius

Gastronomic experiences

If you do not know what to give, win that person by the stomach. With our GIFT VOUCHER it is always a safe option.

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